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A little information about me...
Originally from Hartford, CT. I lived in the Tallahassee area for over 23 years and recently relocated to the Houston, TX area. I am the mother of 2 amazing teenagers, my daughter was delivered here at our local hospital, and my son was delivered here at a local birth center. Both deliveries were respectfully beautiful and unique. Throughout motherhood, I would find myself in conversations about childbirth, breastfeeding, the natural power and strength of a woman's body, and the importance of proper support.  These everyday conversations grew into desires, that not only sparked an interest for me to want to learn more but to somehow be a service to those who need support, knowledge, and advocacy during these most vulnerable times.  

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 With the help of my children, back in 2018 Supporting Hands Doula Care LLC was born! My naturally compassionate and flexible demeanor quickly allowed me to support over 180 beautiful babies into this world. My clients are "my mommas" so there is a close and intimate memory with every birth. I believe what sets me apart from most doulas is my relaxed and flexible nature. I have a very go with YOUR flow approach balanced with the confidence that YOU CAN have your baby.  Whether it's massage, words of affirmation, gentle rocking, silence, or a supportive and reassuring presence, I am here to support whatever the need may be. My mission and God-given purpose are to bring back the importance of a safe, loving, and knowledgeable birth experience.

About Me
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My vision, equally important to me is the unity a birth can bring between couples and families. There is no greater love than the care and comfort that is felt during pregnancy, labor, and delivery, postpartum and, nursing.  My role is to also support your birth partner and or team through education, demonstration of pain management techniques, and emotional education are only a few of the reasons why I strongly believe that if we can shift how we labor and deliver together, then we can too shift how we love and family together. 

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