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Doula Services

Doulas provide emotional, physical, psychological, and many times spiritual support to moms, partners, and families. We are the gap between medical providers and nursing staff and provide a service that is invaluable to your birth experience!

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Full Birth Doula Service

Whether birth in a hospital or planning a home birth I can help assist you through the details of a birth plan, postpartum plan, and more!  Massage and pain management techniques are walked through.  We go in-depth with partner training and support both during labor and postpartum. There is a thorough lesson on breastfeeding and assistance with nursing once the baby is delivered. This service includes unlimited talk and text communication, 2 prenatal visits, on-call availability 2 weeks before and after your due date, continuous labor, and delivery support, and 1 postpartum visit

-$1200-$1350 (Varying on location) Payment plans available


Lactation Services

Nursing pillow- Check

Pad, pump, nipple butter- Check

Position, hold, latch-.....Wait what?!?

With this service, we walk through the steps and many times small tweaks for nursing that helps with longevity and milk production.

Lactation services can be purchased as an addition for continued support or stand-alone.

(Varies, contact for more information)


Father Birth Training and Support 101

After years of experience and studying the interactions between expecting parents; one thing is clear. Moms want more support and dads do want to help! If you want your significant other to be more engaged, to feel confident when supporting during birth, and to be more empathetic during postpartum this will help! This class is designed to help build confidence in fathers whether it's the first baby or 5th. We want our dads to understand the role they play in the support of breastfeeding, the encouragement of their significant others, and help them feel more comfortable with newborns. This is the perfect class for any dad! 

-$125 for  2 hour  virtual class  

Training Guide Available Soon!


Postpartum Services

Whether you are a single mother, a new family, staying home with older kids, or going back to work, I can provide the postpartum support you will need. I specialize in overnight, and evening care, helping new families create routines and helping breastfeeding mothers establish a latch, building a nursing routine in the crucial first few weeks, showing mothers how to incorporate self-care while caring for a newborn and so much more! Light housework is included. We can discuss your specific needs and create the postpartum support just for you. This is an investment you will not regret!

-$25 per hour for days and $32 per hour after 8 pm

*Birth Pool Rental*
Sanitized after each delivery, includes all necessary equipment. Purchase of liner required.


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